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       Aug.28th, 2009

2、Registered Capital

       CNY 56,628,200 (USD 8.3 Million)

3、Floor Area

        42,786 ㎡

4、Building Area

       22,376 ㎡ (Phase 1+Phase 2+ Phase 3)

       22,500 ㎡ (Phase 4 is scheduled in year 2022)


      1030 Employees


       80,000㎡/month (Phase 1~3)

     125,000㎡/month (Phase 4 in year 2021)


       ① The company hold full-process for PCB production in house.

  ② Specialized in the products range of high reliability and high quality request.

  ③ Focus on the PCB used in the field of industry, automotive, power, medical, communication, and so on.

       ④ High mix, small volume, high quality,high reliability,quick turn.

       ⑤ With surface finish line of ENIG, OSP, Pb-Free HASL and immersion tin in house.

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